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    Moisture Chamber Goggle advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by shirley View Post
    I just got moisture barrier goggles, and the onyx goggles. Tried one each night. THey both came off in the middle fo the night, and I woke up to hot, burning, sandpaper feeling eyes in the morning. I also tried saan wrap. It slid off, too. I do not want to tape both eyes shut the rest of my life (this doesn work, my eyes feel good in the morning.)
    I need step-by-step instructions on what works for the first three methods. i am pretty desperate today. So much pain.
    I called to eye surgeon, asking about castor oil and/or regular vaseline to put on/in my eyes, but he said they would harm my eyes. Help, please


    1. regina's Avatar
      i used vaseline or a eye gel around the eyes so that the saran paper stuck to it. You dont use hug pieces...just a 2 by 2 pieces and press onto your eye. stayed on for me.
    2. Rebecca Petris's Avatar
      HI Shirley,
      You'll get more replies if you post on the forum instead of the blog. Couple of thoughts:
      1) Tranquileyes and Onyix - the strap can be too stretchy for some people. A lot of people have trouble when they first get started but then they kind of unconsciously adjust to it and it starts staying on better at night. Some people run a couple of stitches into the goggle to custom-adjust the length so it's tighter or even add some elastic or velcro. Some people use medical tape in addition to the goggles for a little while until they get used to it and work out the 'kinks' with the fit.
      2) Saran wrap - try glad press n seal, and maybe add a little tape at first till you can get it just right. Make separate squares for each eye and pat it down firmly all around the eye area. Keep it fairly small so it won't be so likely to rub on the pillow.
      3) Tape... don't think of it as a rest of your life thing, sometimes we just have to do what we have to do for awhile. I did a lot of taping years ago but I don't now.
      Hang in there...