I started doxy yesterday, eyes were starting to get painful again. Already feel better!

I still use my moisture chamber glasses and found a great way to make your favorite wrap arounds even more sealed. I buy the wax ear plugs used for swimming. They are just moldable wax. I make into tootsie roll form and then press onto glasses, you can form them skinnier where needed or lengthen an area where needed. I am going to keep some wax in my purse, for times where I didnt think the wind or building air would be okay and form them to any glasses I can find.

I still use my honey when my eye lid margins are stinging. It still gives me relief!

I dont use any eye drops, havent found any that help me...just make my eyes worse.

I am still figuring out why on earth my eyes hate all makeup...and what is in it that irritates them so? I even did an experiment where I kept a inch of no make up around my eyes...and they still stung from the fumes i guess in the make up! It really screwing up my dating life! lol

I hate my dry mouth from sjorgrens, I noticed that it is harder to keep my breath smelling nice...sorry if that is TMI! ;P That too is screwing up my dating....pblttt!