Surprisingly i'm still in good condition! Went to my yearly check up and my vision actually improved a little. I'm still on all the same medications and doing the same routines. Flax seed oil every day, restasis 2x a day, systane when needed and wear my glasses instead of contacts whenever possible.

I was actually expecting to have some dry eye honestly. I've been slacking with the systane and i've been wearing my contacts longer than I should (air optix). But I was in great shape! I'm getting the same brand of contacts again and keepiong my routine the same. The Dr. suspects since I got my dry eye under control my eyes have relaxed a little. So this was great news!

I still at least dedicate 1 full day to glasses a week just to give my eyes a break. I hate wearing them still but I think it really has made a huge difference. Sometimes being vain just isn't worth the pain.

Heres hoping next year is as good as this one.