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IN A NUTSHELL: Tranquileyes is a uniquely designed moisture goggle that people with dry eyes or related problems such as poor eyelid closure use to keep their eyes protected and moist at night. It can also help hold eyelids Related products Onyix and Quartz can also help with this, as can the manufacturer's latest night dry eye protection shield, EyeSeals 4.0.

GET MORE DETAILS: The best way to learn about Tranquileyes is in the Dry Eye Shop because it has a ton of detail, photos, lengthy explanations, user Q&A and reviews, all of which can help you determine if it is appropriate for your specific needs, and if not, what alternatives may be appropriate.

NEED HELP? If you need help figuring out whether it can help you, or troubleshooting usage issues, or just talking to others, you can join in the discussions at Dry Eye Talk to interact with other users, or email or you can call 877-693-7939.

OTHERS' EXPERIENCES? See what users have to say about Tranquileyes in our night eyewear forum on Dry Eye Talk.


Tranquileyes is a unique and very popular product among those who need to keep their eyes hydrated and protected at night because of severe dry eye, recurrent erosions, lagophthalmos (incomplete eyelid closure) or other related conditions. (Note: Make sure you check with your doctor about whether Tranquileyes is suitable for you.)

What it is: Tranquileyes is a moisture goggle which can be worn all night to protect the eyes. It consists of a soft, flexible, opaque goggle lined with viscoelastic foam eye cushions that conform to the face and moisture pads to seal in moisture, protecting and rehydrating vulnerable dry eyes at night. There are also some accessories available for special uses, such as Thermoeyes heat inserts for a briefer daytime treatment.

Here's what tranquileyes looks like:

The eye covers are made of soft, flexible rubber. Around the inside perimeter of each eye cover is an eye cushion, made of a soft foam. This foam may be lined with fabric or plain (both types of foam are available in the replacement sets). In the middle of each eye cover is a removeable moisture pad which may be used wet or dry; to use it wet you would wet it with distilled water, squeeze out the excess and place it in the goggle before putting the goggle on. The comfort wrap is a soft fabric strap that keeps it in place and which can be adjusted with the adjustment sliders at the sides.

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Who can benefit from tranquileyes?

If you have a diagnosed eye condition, check with your doctor first to see if you can benefit. But we think that Tranquileyes is likely to be very helpful to you if:

  • You normally use a viscous lubricant (gel or ointment) at night
  • You sometimes wake in the night and have to re-apply eye lubricants
  • You normally wake up in the morning with painfully dry eyes
  • You normally have "sticky eyelids" in the morning
  • Your eyes don't close all the way at night due to lagophthalmos, eyelid surgery, Bell's palsy or other cause

And we think that Tranquileyes will probably also be helpful for you if:

  • You have been diagnosed with chronic dry eye
  • Your eyes are sore or tired in the morning
  • Your eyes get very dry at night
  • You normally use an artificial tear at night
  • Your eyes are bothered by fans or air vents at night
MOre information

We have tons of information about Tranquileyes and all the accessories in The Dry Eye Shop. Click on any product and start browsing... there are lengthy descriptions and Rebecca's Reviews, plus long lists of questions customers have asked and the answers provided.

You can also call our phone order & customer service line at 1-877-693-7939.We're a small company... if you don't reach us the first time, please leave a message - we promise to get back to you promptly.

You can purchase all Tranquileyes kits and accessories online in The Dry Eye Shop or by phone at 1-877-693-7939.


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