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Liposome sprays
(ClaryMist, Tears Again)

Sprays containing phospholipids and (typically) Vitamins A and E; they are sprayed on the eyelids as a dry eye treatment intended to improve the lipid layer of the tear film.

CLARYMIST is marketed by Savant Distribution in the UK. Their website has a great deal of information including some clinical trials.

TEARS AGAIN LIPOSOME LID SPRAY is sold by OcuSoft in the US. We couldn't find much information on it but it is thought to be similar to Clarymist so those interested are encouraged to read the Clarymist site.

NOTE: OcuSoft also has a product called Quintess QuSome eyelid spray. We don't have detailed information on it but as far as we understand, it is not a liposome spray. When we know more we'll post it.

WANT TO KNOW what other patients think about liposome sprays? Check out our EYE LUBRICANTS FORUM on Dry Eye Talk.



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