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Corneal abrasion


Injury or scratch to the cornea (usually the epithelium only). Abrasions can occur as a result of uncontrolled dry eye conditions.


Dry eye patients who are having difficulty controlling their symptoms may sometimes experience abrasions. Abrasions are characterised by pain (sometimes severe), foreign body sensation, excessive tearing, photophobia (light sensitivity) and sometimes eye muscle spasms.

Abrasions are diagnosed by slit-lamp examination, often with the use of fluorescein staining. In some cases topical antibiotics or other eyedrops may be prescribed, or a bandage contact lens may be applied. If you think you may have an abrasion, see your doctor right away.

Patients with ABMD may be particularly susceptible to abrasions and erosions.

A severe abrasion may be followed by recurrent corneal erosions.


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Management of corneal abrasions (American Academy of Family Physicians)

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