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About The Dry Eye Company

Hi! My name is Rebecca Petris and I would like to personally welcome you to The Dry Eye Zone.

I started The Dry Eye Company and this website in 2005 as a dry eye information portal and community center for my fellow dry eye patients.

Since then, it's grown and expanded in various ways, all focused on improving quality of life for people with dry eye. It's been a challenging, humbling and fulfilling process and I am extremely grateful to all the people who have helped and encouraged me along the way!

Who owns The Dry Eye Company?

Me. No corporate involvement at all.

Tell me about The Dry Eye Company "family" of websites.

THE DRY EYE ZONE is our portal. It's the information center where you can get things like consumer guides to various types of dry eye products, glossary definitions of dry eye terms, a reference list of BAK concentrations in prescription medications, a list of ongoing dry eye drug clinical trials, a chart comparing different types of punctal plugs, and much, much more. It's not fancy looking - almost all text and not many pictures - but in terms of content, I will modestly assert that you won't find anything equalling it anywhere on the internet for scope and usefulness.

THE DRY EYE SHOP is our retail store. It's a lot more than a store, really - it's an education center in itself. It concentrates in one place all different kinds of products that can be helpful to people with chronic dry eye. It also includes, for most products, my personal experiences and insights about those products, their uses, and the types of people most likely to benefit from them.

DRY EYE TALK is our community center. It's an amazing place with many amazing people. In addition to the "support group" function that you can expect in a healthcare forum, we have doctor Q&A forums, and you'll also find that a great many members are very well educated about dry eye and keep us well supplied with news and information about anything new going on.

THE DRY EYE DIGEST is my blog. Every now and then I go prowling through the medical literature and post summaries of all the recent research in dry eye, or I scan news headlines and report on well-done dry eye coverage in the general press. I try and post about any major news in the world of dry eye drugs and devices, and any news of interest in consumer products that are important to dry eye patients. I also write about my own dry eye experiences and opinions now and then.

Who writes all this stuff and what are their qualifications?

It's just me. I write and manage the content of these websites personally (except the few pages specifically credited to someone else).

I have no medical qualifications whatsoever. In my life before dry eye, I was a commercial jet finance specialist... long on 777 and A330 residual values and tax efficient leasing structures for British banks, short on the cellular structure of the human cornea. Everything I know about dry eye I learned from (a) picking the brains of some very smart doctor friends and (b) light bedtime reading such as Medline and (c) critical observation of macro and micro trends amongst the hundreds - come to think of it, by now probably thousands - of dry eye patients that I have come into contact with over the years via these websites, telephone and in person.

So, there is absolutely nothing authoritative about the information on this website and I make no claims for it whatsoever. I simply hope and pray that, be you doctor or patient, you will find it useful!

With websites this size, the best I can hope is that at any given point in time SOME parts of it are complete, current and correct. A great deal of it has not been edited in years... during which time the information and its accuracy and relevance may have changed dramatically. I am quite sure there are parts which if I re-read today, I'd be embarrassed to admit I ever wrote them. I wish I could say I have an organized regular review schedule - I don't. So I will be very grateful to anyone who points out corrections that are needed - do not be shy about that! And absolutely, definitely feel free to volunteer to contribute new content!


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